The Commission of Scientific & Technical Terminology strives towards developing a uniform technology for Hindi and other modern Indian languages.

It develops the language technology for books and periodicals at all the educational levels. The functions of the Commission of Scientific and Technical Terminology are as follows.


  • Evolution of scientific and technical terminology in Hindi and other Indian languages.
  • Identification of Pan-Indian terminology and its propagation for promoting maximum use by all Indian languages.
  • Development of a Computer based National Terminology Bank.
  • Information and Consultancy Services in the field of terminologies.
  • Usage survey and standardization of terminology.

Scientific And Technical Literature

  • Production and publication of university-level books on various subjects in Hindi and other Indian langauges.
  • Co-ordination and monitoring of the book production activities of Hindi Granth Academies and State Text-book Boards.
  • Production of definitional dictionaries in various subjects.
  • Publication of readings, monographs, digests, etc. on scientific and technical subjects for use by students as supplementary reading material.
  • Publications of Journals, viz., 'Vigyan Garima Sindhu' and 'Gyan Garima Sindhu'.


  • Compilation of common medical terms and phrases in Indian languages.
  • Organization of exhibitions of university-level books.
  • Publicity and sale of the publication of the CSTT and Granth Academies.

Some of the achievements of CSTT are as follows.

  • Definitional Dictionaries
  • Fundamental Glossaries
  • Departmental Glossaries
  • Pan – India Terminology
  • Production of University — Level Books
  • Readings, digests and Monographs
  • Compilation of Common Medical terms and Phrases
  • Scholarly Journals - "Vigyan Garima Sindhi"
  • Computer-based national terminology Bank

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