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Council of Architecture (COA)

About Council of Architecture (COA)

The Council of Architecture established under the provisions of Architects Act, 1972 regulates the education and the practice of profession of Architects throughout India besides maintaining the register of Architects.

Any person willing to make ‘Architecture’ his / her profession must register with Council of Architecture (COA). He / she must possess the requisite qualification as appended to the Architects Act and the registration with Council of Architecture (COA) entitles the person to practice the profession of architecture.

The title and style of architect can also be used by a firm of architects, of which all partners are registered with COA. Limited Companies, Private/Public Companies, societies and other juridical persons are not entitled to use the title and style of architect nor are they entitled to practice the profession of architecture.

The institutes which provide architectural education are more than 108 in number in the country. The Council of Architecture governs the standards of education being imparted in these institutions including the requirement of eligibility for admission, the course duration, the standards of staff & the accommodation, the course content, the examination etc.

It also has a close vigil on these institutions / departments providing architectural education and reports to the Government of India.

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