DOEACC Society

The DOEACC society set up by the Department of Information Technology, in 1994, to churn out large number of computer professionals in the country by imparting them industry oriented computer training programmes through various computer institutes in the non-formal sector across the country.

The courses of the society commence from Certificate Level and goes up to Masters’ level. The minimum qualification is that the student must be at least class 10th qualified. There are also horizontal level entries to higher levels. The following programmes are offered by the society at different levels.

  • Level - Equivalent to Foundation level course
  • A Level - Equivalent to Advanced Diploma in Computer Applications
  • B Level - Equivalent MCA Level
  • C Level - M. Tech Level
  • Level Bio Informatics Course
  • A Level Bioinformatics Course
  • ITES (Call Centre) Agents Training courses

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