At the end of 21st century, the population of illiterates in India is larger than its total population in 1947. Not all children of India are able to get education and millions of children drop out before completing the higher primary grade.

Education has been a big problem since a long time and a very small minority in the elite get excellent education facilities where as the poor gets no education at all. Especially, a girl child is deprived of education by her own parents due to various reasons. In India there are hundred million missing women as mentioned by Amartya Sen. Girl children are neglected without education.

With malnutrition being another serious problem, about half of Indian children are malnourished. The problem is worse and India is still a poor country. It is estimated that an average person in India earns less than $2 per day.

One main reason for inadequate education in India is due to the funding problem. Besides, there is an over-regulation of the school market.

Education must be supported by removing rules that hinder the establishment and operation of schools in the primary, the secondary and the higher secondary areas of education.

Government should focus more on the neediest sections of the society.

The poor quality of elementary education has kept India's economy at stake.

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