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Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc)

About Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc)

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences founded by Alladi Ramakrishnan, in 1962 conducts research programs in frontier areas of mathematics, physics and computer sciences.  The member of the institute works mainly in the areas of mathematics, theoretical physics and theoretical computer sciences.

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc) Chennai offers graduate research program to those students who wants to pursue a doctoral degree in the areas of mathematical sciences / theoretical physics / theoretical computer sciences. There are also post doctoral programs and visiting scientists’ schemes.

Graduate Students

The students having post graduate qualification in physics / mathematics / computer science or graduate degree in engineering can apply for admission into this program. The selection is normally made in the month of June every year. Students who have under graduate degree in science but have a keen interest in pursuing research in mathematics / theoretical physics / theoretical computer science can also apply. Such students get admission into Integrated M.Sc. Ph.D. programme.

The admission to graduate students programme is made on the basis of Joint Entrance Screening Test (JEST) which is generally held in the month of February every year. This test is jointly conducted by 12 research institutes of the country. The notification for JEST is issued generally in the month of October / November every year. The candidates who qualify in the JEST entrance examination can apply for any of the 12 research institutes. The Institute awards Junior Research Fellowship to all the entrants of Graduate Students Programme. These fellows also receives grants ranging from Rs.8,000/- to Rs.9,000/-, together with hostel accommodation, medical benefits, and annual book/ contingency grants.

Postdoctoral Research

The candidates with a PhD degree from leading institutions are encouraged to apply for Post-doctoral fellowships tenable for a period of one to two years. There are about 15 post-doctoral fellows at the Institute at any given time.


The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc) offers associateship and senior associateship programmes for college and university faculties with the aim of involving actively and making the teaching faculties learn new vistas of science and technology. Under this program, an Associate can visit the Institute once or twice in a year with a total stay of 90 days per year is allowed. The duration of Associateships Programme is normally 3 years. Accommodation and allowances are also provided to associate members.

Summer Student Programme

The IMSc conducts Summer Student Programmes every year in the May-July period.

Visiting Scientists

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences (IMSc) welcomes scientists all over the world to visit and work with the institute through its Theoretical Physics Seminar Circuit (TPSC) programme.

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