The National Institute of Industrial Engineering established in 1963 in order to raise the limited industrial production and to make industries learn to use their resources wisely.

It teaches materials management, work studies, inventory control, shop floor management and personnel management to India's industry professionals. It is supported by International Labor Organization ILO.  It also provides industrial consultancy, sponsored projects, and applied research in management. It has strong infrastructure in the form of Library, Classrooms, Hostels and IT facilities and the PGD programs are fully residential.

It has the sophisticated, state of the art laboratories for application research in value engineering like condition based monitoring, simulation, maintenance, ergonomics, safety engineering, work-study and occupational health.

It publishes a quarterly professional journal Udyog Pragati which is the Journal for Practising Managers and deals with the developments in Industrial Engineering, Management and allied fields.

The National Institute of Industrial Engineering (NITIE), Mumbai offers the following Post Graduate and Research programs-

·        Post graduate Diploma in Industrial Engineering (PGDIE)

·        Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Management (PGDIM)

·        Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial safety and Environmental Management (PGDISEM)

·        Fellow (Doctoral) Programme (FP)

·        Executive Education
   o MDP – Management Development Program
   o UBP – Unit Based Program.

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