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Study Abroad at United Kingdom

About Studying Abroad at United Kingdom

United Kingdom

The education in UK is highly reputed for its unsurpassed quality throughout the world. It is popular as it emphasizes pro-active, independent thinking and encourages skills which are relevant, marketable and much sought-after by top organizations around the world. Studying at UK implies a perfect blend of location, Institution, course and fee which cannot be seen anywhere else in the world. UK offers variety of courses through its over 180 institutions offering degrees, over 500 further education establishments and more than 600 boarding schools.


  • Individual Thinking - UK education emphasizes on the ability of students to work independently and to develop their own thinking.
  • Personal Approach to Learning - There are very small informal group tutorials where the exchange of ideas and opinions is easier.
  • Quality system - There is a unique quality system ensuring accountability in all areas.
  • Course Fees - The courses in UK are shorter and as a result the cost of study is lower. The shorter courses also provide a way to start earning sooner.
  • Living costs - There are many benefits for international students and some of them are given here.
    • Discounts negotiated by the National Union of Students on behalf of their members
    • Those international students staying in the UK for a period of six months or more qualify for free healthcare through the National Health service
    • Working 20 hours per week during vacations, money can be earned
  • Accommodation - The University Student Accommoda­tion and Financial Services’ Office helps in finding on-campus, off-campus, temporary and holiday accommodation.

Immigration Details

The student visas are offered at the offices of the British High Commission in Delhi and the British Deputy High Commissions in Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata. Students must prove that they have an unconditional offer on full time courses, proof of accommodation, sufficient funds to cover the entire cost of studying and living in Britain and return home on completion of their course.

Education Loan

Studying abroad is expensive and there are various bodies which help students to get grants and loans.

  • Universities and Colleges Admissions Services
  • British Council Scholarships and Fellowships
  • United Kingdom Council for Overseas Student Affairs
  • Association of Commonwealth Universities
  • The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan for Postgraduate Study and Research
  • The Overseas Research Student Awards Scheme
  • The ODA Shared Scholarship Scheme

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