United States of America

In USA, there are around 2,000 universities that award undergraduate and another 1,100 that award both undergraduate (Bachelor) and graduate (Master or Doctoral) degrees. The education system is smooth flowing with strong student support services, and flexible curriculum that allows to virtually design own master's program. It is also possible to choose the date for test, if a portion of the syllabus is covered during the graduation days in India. 

Choosing the right University/ Dept

Before choosing the right university or the program, a proper research and survey must be done. The matter must be consulted with professors and friends/relatives in abroad (if there are any) and internet must be browsed properly to get complete information from all possible sources. It requires a lot of research work regarding the course content and the facilities available. The academic sessions in US start from August to September with entry points in August or September and January or February.

The Selection Process

US institutes give more preference to work experience than the mainstream education. Therefore, factors like experience of project work, developed computer skills and good scores at GATE examinations (TOEFL, SAT, GRE or GMAT). There is a committee to take the decision on admissions and its decision is final. The Statement of Purpose (SOP) must be drafted with utmost care and precision.

The Procedure

Once the University decides to invite, the system automatically takes over. The admission office issues an F-l which helps in getting the student's visa and simultaneously informs the International Student Service Office (ISSO), which will help in securing a job or financial assistance, if one is available. The Career Planning and Placement Office will help in drafting resumes and facing interviews as well as in arranging psychological counseling for a smooth cultural transition.


Education in US is a very costly affair. The pre­admission costs are also high and they vary anything between US $20-100 per application. But as soon as the admission is confirmed ISSO swings into action. Even there are many Indian banks which extend loan facilities.

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