“95% of people think that learning about new things boosts your confidence”
-National Adult Learning Survey, DfEE, 1998

Knowledge is the key to success. It is the knowledge which allows us to advance to a better life. Without knowledge, we would not be able to accomplish anything in life. We live in the age of information and the future age is the age of knowledge.

The ability to obtain, assimilate and apply the right knowledge effectively will be the key skill in the next century. The abilities are no longer judged by qualifications, but will be assessed by the capacity to learn and adapt in the future. Learning throughout life for knowledge is important. Even our jobs require us to be competitive which can be achieved only through constant learning.

It has the power of transformation. We can be very successful in relations, at home, with families, at work place, or any community. Learning helps us not only to solve day to day problems but also change our attitudes.

The education and a demonstrated ability to learn are the most required criterion for hiring and employment success. Our jobs demand us to learn as educational expectations continue to rise for both employers and employees. While employers want employees who are keen to learn, and to take on new challenges, the employees on the other hand want work that is challenging and rewarding. The major benefits of learning are as follows.

  • It enhances personal growth and opens expanded horizons
  • It increases employability and improves career development prospects
  • It increase a broader range of interests and a wider social life
  • It provides the ability to create our own future

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